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Hi everyone,

I come to ask you some advises.
I have a big Premier Signia with suspended floor toms.
I have changed heads quite recently, clear G1 on the 10 12 13 and G14 on the 14x12 and 16x14".
The four first toms sound and tune like breeze, lively and coherent.
My problem is more about the 16, this one, since I have this kit has been trouble in term of tuning, even when the whole kit was equipped with G2 coated.
The 14" Signia goes quite low, sounds really good, but the 16" sounds more like a 15", even a bit choke I would say, not low enough compared to the 14". Sustain isn't that good either. It's not so much about harmonics.
Both are on the same rocklock tripod, I was wondering about the position of the brackets, may be the positionning could be modified to gain low sustain ?
I long for a 16x16 on legs but hard to find, ...
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Noone witness such strange behaviour of deep sounding drums that are choked by the clamp ?
I 've heard that Mr Gatzen has some suggestion about the way the drum is fixed to the stand, but can't find it...


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How close is the resonant head to the floor? If it's quite close (& deeper drums often are), this could account for your problem. To check this, raise the height of the drum considerably, & see if there's a difference. Deeper drums often suffer from overtone dominance, and that is exaggerated by close proximity to the floor.


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Here's the solution to wanting a floor tom

Also what Andy said about how close the resonant is to the floor. How do you have the reso tuned? That will greatly affect sound as well and what head is on the reso?

I dug the Worldmax stuff, but having a signia, I was lookin' for original parts that would work the same way and will clutch on the lugs.
About the Head, on all my toms, the Reso are just a bit higher than the top head, I'll check out the sound of the drum out of the stand, and higher.
The curious thing is that the 14" on the same stand sounds lovely, resonant and deep; the 16 is choked and not sufficiently low compared to the 14". I don't want to detune too much the 14".

I've found the Gatzen video, I'll gonna try what he says about the memory locks and the position on the arm of the stand.

Edit : the skins on both floor are G14 over G1.
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Hi everyone,
So I tried to get along with my 16".
What I did : tuned up just a little bit the 14", pushed down and tuned down JAW the 16", still not convincing. Then I messed with the stand.
I had two memory locks by tom arm, removed one on each, and changed the angle of the 16" so that it is more angled towards me instead of flat. I'm not used to play with two floors, so the angle I stroke the 16" wasn't that convenient nor good, it's less pleasing visually but it's al right !
I moved also a bit the position of tom mount on the lugs.

It worked ! And without any moon gel or so.
I put my three years old son on it, and moved back a bit : The 16" is booming, with such a nice sustain, and it's resonating like the others toms ! So even if I'd rather have 3 legs, messing with the stand and not tighten too much the tom mount. I need to adjust a little bit and play longer to see if anything is moving.
Thx for guiding me !
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