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when your playing in an orchestra and you have to play a note on the triangle and have no time to pick up a triangle beater ...? i have been hitting it with my stick ...i want a more metal sound , has anyone got any inventions that can help .. i have no time to put sticks down as i need then in the next crotchet of the bar.


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I guess if you're desperate you could tape the beater to the butt of the stick and do a quick flip in time to play the note. Or you could adapt whatever part you're playing leading into the triangle note so you can play it one-handed while you pick up the beater, so long as the sound doesn't suffer. You'd have to play the triangle clipped onto a stand either way, which is not ideal— you should hold it at eye level and in the audience's (or at least the conductor's) view. You can also see if someone else in the section is free to play the note. Playing the triangle with a stick or substituting a different instrument are not satisfactory solutions.


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I would also try using a 4 mallet grip, middle two with the sticks or mallets your need and on the outside a triangle beater. I will take time to get use to the positioning, but will give you the sound you are going for.


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I've experienced the same problem. If there are no other percussionists to help, talk with the director, and see if he can get a horn player to do it when they are resting for a few bars. If you're all out of options, simplify the snare part so it can be played with one hand, and use the other hand to grab the triangle beater.