Travis barker playing with no ear protection ?!?


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Hey everyone,
I just came across this Travis Barker performance and I noticed that he isn’t wearing any ear protection. Isn’t that like super bad for his ears ? He is playing so loudly and over that such loud music.
Loved the drumming and concept of playing with a DJ but can’t get over that the fact that he is playing without headphones or in ears.

Your thoughts ??

Here’s the video -



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In ears are a particularly modern thing. I am 80% deaf from drumming & music & have to wear hearing aids. I stress to everyone now that hearing protection is a must as you could end up like I am & it's not fun :(


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According to himself, Simon Phillips never wears hearing protection or in-ears. He doesn't play as loudly as Travis does, but after over 40 years of playing huge rock shows that has to have taken a massive toll on his hearing.

Wear earplugs kids.


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I've played with way too many guys who cut their teeth in the 70s and 80s who are deaf as posts. Don't risk your hearing.

If I was deaf. Travis Barker would be a drummer I'd thouroughly enjoy ;)


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He prolly has damage to hearing after Blink-182, but that’s a guess.

I get what he’s doing in That video, but the EDM beat gets old quick. And his drum corps chops on that choked snare doesn’t thrill me.
Anyone watch Travis with Post Malone doing Nirvana songs live last night ?
I was pleasantly surprised.

maybe it wasn't the case for the whole performance, but I skimmed through a few songs and feel like they every hardly panned over to Travis. it was pretty cool though!


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That really burns me up!