Traveling for Thanksgiving? What's your favorite driving music?


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Just a little something I was thinking about this morning as I saw all of the stories on the news about how many Americans will be traveling on the highways for Thanksgiving this year. What music keeps you going when traveling by car? Here are my 5 of my favortie driving songs:

1. Golden Earring - Radar Love
2. The Knack - My Sharona (a great one for practicing those steering wheel and dashboard drumming skills!)l
3. Tom Cochrane - Life is a Highway
4. REO Speedwagon - Riding the Storm Out
5. Yardbirds - Train Kept a Rollin'

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Drumming to all! If you are traveling, stay safe :)



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Good question. Funny but I never cared much for the Allman Brothers until much much later in life. I heard Jessica on the radio on a long trip and it just felt right. Now on long travels I listen to their classic 1970s work. Perfect music for traveling America. There's just something about it - the country, rock, Americana thing all rolled into one. "Melissa" gets me every time.

Anon La Ply

I agree, Radar Love is a great driving song. LA Woman too. Always enjoyed The Who's Going Mobile in an old classic rock tape - Deep Purple are "drivey" too.

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It depends which mood I am, the glove box and the central armrest is full of CD's, a bit of everything in many styles.

For the last month, I did several trips from France to Switzerland (and back), and I've been listening to Alanis Morissette latest album "Havoc and Bright Lights" for the whole time, I think I know all the songs by heart now :)

This is the single from the album


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This may surprise a few.

My recent driving music? 'Powerslave'. I have been known to sing along and terrify the other drivers on the M25.

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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- Five Piece Band
- Waldman - Unreel
- Karizma - Document
- Michael Landau Group Live

With girlfriend:
- Al Jarreau
- James Taylor
- Beady Belle


Ride of the Valkyries--Wagner

I Cant drive 55--Sammy Hagar

Welcome to the Jungle--Guns and Roses

Love is alive -- Gary Wright

I'm shipping up to Boston--Drop Kick Murphy's


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It depends on my mood.I like sing along stuff sometimes or 60's rock and motown.British rock is great also

The Rascals...............Come on up,Groovin',A Girl like you,You better Run


Buddy Rich..................any of the live stuff,especially Love For Sale and West Side Story

The Who......................Whos Next,Quadrophenia Can you see the Real Me

Tull..............................Anything up to Thick as a Brick

Little Feat.....................everything but especially Let It Roll and Fat Man in the Bathtub

Beach the summer only...Pet Sounds and Surfs Up

Just to name a few

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My cousin who usually hosts Thanksgiving Dinner lives about 90 miles away. This gives me time not to listen to what I already know, but to listen to new albums I've bought that I haven't listened to from beginning to end. This year I listened to the newest Toadies album "Play.Rock.Music". Freakin' awesome cd.


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Neil Peart has a book about this. But since it's quite a bit longer than a forum post, I think he goes in great depth with it.

As for me, it all depends on the mood, anything from nirvana, Alice in chains, rammstein or the misfits to Interpol, kings of Leon, some softer nirvana stuff, or the smashing pumpkins hah


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REO Speedwagon - Time for me to fly

Whitesnake - Here I go again

Triumph - Magic Power

Judas Priest - Heading out to the highway / You've got another thing coming driving and listening to some great songs...........maybe I should have been a truck driver