Traps vs Pearl Rhythm Traveler


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I'm sure this topic exists somewhere but I can't find it by searching...

Has anyone tried both? Got any preferences/advice? At first I was leaning towards the Traps kit but the frame looks kinda bulky and I'm imagining that it's just as easy if not easier to store/unpack the Pearl kit?

No drum shop near me does both so I'd be driving hundreds of miles going between shops to compare them.


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The Traps kit has plastic drums that are very heavy.
The drums on the Traveler are light and they sound better because they have a 5 inch depth.
The bass drum on the Traveler also sounds better because of the 8 inch depth.
The rack on the Traps kit is good and it is well made.
The snare on the Traps kit sounds really good.
The snare that comes with the Traveler is pretty good.
There are pros and cons to both kits.

I bought the Traveler kit over the Traps kit.


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Excellent, cheers for that. I had heard that the Traps kit was quite heavy but nice to hear it seconded.

I think I'm leaning towards the Traveler because of the weight and because the regular snare stand and cymbal stand that come with it and might come in handy sometime and it generally seems less faff than the Traps. Having had an electronic kit in the past I remember the legs being a bit of a chore.