Traps A400 Suggestion and Feedback.

Formless Method

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I have a set of traps and they feel pretty much just like a real drum set because they use real drum heads. I have also had a flats drumset and yamaha hip gig. I am obbsesed with portable compact drum kits so thats why I bought my traps. The bass drum will never sound like a real bass drum, there is just not enough meat on the bone.

New traps set goes for 500. I would suggest buying a used kit so you can play with others as you progress. The only thing I use my traps for is quiet practicing. They are not suitable for playing with other musicians unless its acoustic or your drums are miced.

Good portable set but way over priced for what you get


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I have a Traps A400. I don't use the bass or snare as I like a nice boomy BD and more body to my snare sound.

As JayJohnson777 said, you would want to mic the kit when playing with other musicians. They can sound pretty good when mic'd and processed. I process my kit through Ableton Live. This is my kit below.

I wish they made a pro version of this kit without the hardware and some standard mounting options. Mounting the Toms can be a bit of a pain.

And yes it feels like an acoustic kit because it is one. Same mylar heads. They come with Remo pinstripes.