Transcription Software


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Wondering if anyone knows of any transcription software that would transcribe as you play. Would be very useful instead of just writing things out which can be very tedious.


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O.K. I guess I wasn't very clear about what I'm looking for. I would like a program that I can input the notation by playing my drums. I haven't seen anything like this available. Has anyone else? You would have to play very accurately but it seems like something that should be on the market somewhere. I can't find it though. Anyone know of anything?


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If you have electronic drums, it would be easy, you could use applications like Logic or Sibelius
Yes, I would assume that you would MIDI the electronic drums into Finale or Sibelius the same way that you MIDI a digital piano into it.

You are talking about a few hundred dollars for Finale or Sibelius and a few hundred to a few thousand for an electronic set. So I would assume that you are doing a lot of writing.



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Yeah MIDI to finale would be the most logical option. Just wondering if anyone has attempted this. I haven't used Finale for quite a few years now. Has anyone attempted this? I'm thinking that it could be a very useful tool for all of us since transcription is very tedious and is an "art form" unto itself. I've transcribed many things in my day and it just gets to the point where I just end up drumming instead of sitting there writing things out.

I really need to find something where I can just sit down and play and have a program do the "artwork" for me. I figure that if a program can at least keep track of what I'm playing when it comes to the quarters, eights, and sixteenths, and rests that I can go through and notate the accents, dynamics, and convey the general nuance of the phrasing that I'm trying to convey.

I ran into this problem when I joined an original band that I helped to finish what I would like to consider a "lifetime achievement" album with. Not in the sense that we would win or even be considered for any lifetime achievement award but in the sense that the music we made together completed something that these guys had been working on for quite a long while. I found them in a local classified ad and we had similar influences. After our first session we completed probably half of the songs that they had been working on for all those years. We played for about two years and I had to leave the band for logistical reasons. I live about an hour away from our market and couldn't justify driving that far (both ways) twice a week and three times a week when we had gigs. We made enough money to go into a reputable studio in the area and record seven of the eleven tracks for a demo but lacked the management to push the material any further.

My problem now is that this band can't find another drummer. I'm thinking that if I transcribed the parts that I played that it would be easier for them to do that. Not that the parts were technical in any way but it might just help. If anyone has attempted to hook up your electronic kit to Finale, Sibelius, or any other program please let me know how it worked out. If not my next move will be to buy an set of V-Drums and hire a programmer to write the code that I need to accomplish this. And on that note.....Any programmers up for a challenge? lol

Thanks for your response to my thread! I checked out both of your sites (so far) and you are great drummers! Drum on!