Transcription- Justin Faulkner trading 8th's on Teo


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Here's a transcription of Faulkner's tradings in the tune Teo from Branford Marsalis latest release. These trades are not incredibly crazy but they swing so *(&%$ hard and are just so deliciously tasty I had to run off and transcribe them as soon as I heard them. They are very much in the bebop tradition, some serious Max and Philly Joe channeling here. I really like how Justin plays with the quarter note triplets. Anyways, I hope you enjoy and any thoughts would be welcome!


Teo (trades at around 6:40)


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just got back from seeing this band.
the whole band killed - especially Justin Faulkner. It's hard to believe he's only 21.


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That is seriously tasty playing!! Nice work on the transcription I'll try to check it out.



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thanks guys, there are some nice licks here, I pretty much ripped off the 3rd trade and use it all the time now jaja