Traditional stuff, odd stuff, my stuff


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thanks, you nincampoops :p. how many useful expressions do i learn here, on this forum it is beyond any recognition! :p

Drifter in the Dark

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I really like what you're doing in these videos! It's nice to see a drummer who's comfortable just playing some funky-fresh grooves on a 4-piece kit (as opposed to someone who plays a huge kit and sprays notes all over the place!). I can tell that you've done a lot of listening to native NOLA drummers like Stanton Moore and Zigaboo Modeliste, but you have your own feel as well. I look forward to hearing more drumming from you!


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nice to hear... read that :). at the beginning people told me i'm trying to play too much like Stanton, but i hope i've managed really to get at least a hint of my own style. so any more comments? what do you think ?


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Groovy stuff, very useful kind of thing to implement in a song... but I'd love to hear more improv in there somewhere! You've obviously studied up on Stanton, and it shows!