Traditional Grip v Matched Grip


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That first reply was great. But here is my opinion.

Learn one grip, and learn it well. they are both valid.

Decide on what type of music you want to play first. It's going to be tough to blast beat over deathmetal riffs at break neck speeds with volume if you use trad. If you are playing jazz, trad looks cooler to me, but I see many use both styles well.

I am much better with matched, so I never bother trying to start over from square 1.

Why split your time up to be just ok at both, be great at one of them.

I'd say its 99% about aesthetics, and how you started to learn. but there are a few cases where matched will work in your favor.


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I originally learnt trad grip, and played it all the time. But I couldn’t get a strong back beat playing rock music. So I tried matched. I now play faster, smoother and with more control when I use matched grip. I can also crash with either hand using matched.
Trad still feels like home, but I really only use it for jazz swing when I want to limit my volume.