traditional grip help


i dont have a teacher, so i have been trying to learn traditional grip via youtube. There are so many videos its hard to really get a feel for what is good technique. I notice minor changes in the grip really change the way the stick feels when playing. I dont what to learn bad habbits, can someone point out a good video or some really good guide lines?

I was watching a weckl vid and he says you want the stick to be as parallel with your arm as possible, but this feels like it flings the stick funny. Another video states to keep your wrist back.. So many different things to keep track of.

Jeremy Bender

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The dvd called "Great Hands for a Lifetime" by Tommy Igoe has a good explanation of how to go about holding the stick in the traditional grip.

Try to watch the dvd if you can. It's very informative.


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JoJo Mayer's "Secret Weapons", Steve Smith's "History of the U.S. Beat", & Jim Chapin's "Speed/Power/Control ". These DVDs helped me tremendously. Don't give up - keep practicing!

Red Menace

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What I find has helped me a lot is keeping a pair of sticks in my car. When I'm stuck in traffic or at a light I put one in my left hand and tap out single and double strokes on the steering wheel. It's really helped to just get my hand used to that grip.

When you first start is feels incredibly awkward, the cuticle on your ring finger gets calloused and the notch between your thumb and forefinger gets mushed around. It's the same muscle I feel straining when I learned to bend strings on the guitar. Once you get used to holding and the stick recoiling in your hand then you can play like that all day.

Finally played Rock Band at a friend's appt last night and without even thinking I went right for thee traditional grip. It's become routine at this point.