Trade live custom oaks for absolute hybrid maple?


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Hey guys, I have the opportunity to trade my live customs for an absolute hybrid maple. The only thing is its a 4 piece without the snare vs my 5 piece with matching snare and a bit more cash. I have an recording custom snare so im not too worried about the lack of snare. Are the absolute hybrids that much better or should I just keep the live customs. Hybrids do seem to sound pretty darn good, but I do still like the oaks. Just wanted to get some more opinions, thanks!


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Live Oak owner here too. Tough call, the new hybrids are beautiful looking drums. Have you played them? Do you like the hook lugs? To me the oaks are a great workhorse kit, built well, sound great not cheap by any means but I don't worry too much about bringing them to gigs. With the hybrids and the difference in costs I might be a bit more cautious. Just a thought.


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I own a set of hybrids.

I went shopping with the firm intention of buyng the LC set that was there after playing a few, but I a/b'd the Live custom and the hybrids (and the Tama B/B on the same floor) and got the hybrids for 4 reasons (22-10-12-16):

- lighter than the LCs which were smaller (20-10-12-14);

- Dynamic and tuning range (sensitive at low volume and never choke or saturate at higher level) whereas the LCs seemed better suited for higher level;

- Aluminium die-cast hoops;

- LDS made me a great deal (under 800$CAD for the MH vs LCs) and the finishes are flawless..

The lugs are absolutely no problem. If anything, it makes changing heads a breeze and I think they look great.

Only con is add-ons are a helluvalot more expensive. 1250$CAD for a 18x14 bd and 700$ a floor tom. Add-ons for companies and shops is like shooting fish in a barrel, no deal whatsoever to be made in my experience. You are basically stuck between buying a whole new kit for less than 2 add-ons !

Resale value is what to be expected for Yamaha, exemplary.


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- LDS made me a great deal (under 800$CAD for the MH vs LCs) and the finishes are flawless..
Just to make sure, I was trying to say the difference between the LCs and HM was under 800$CAD.

I just cleaned them yesterday, they are great drums, period.