Towards or Away from the corner?


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I was wondering what is the best way to set up for kit, bass towards a corner or bass away with me siting in the corner. Is there any difference in tonal or sound quality? Does it affect the sound waves bouncing off the wall? Thanks Brad


With the bass drum's resonant head facing into the room.



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wouldn't it depend on what your using the kit for?

if it's for practice by yourself, no recording, no frills, i wouldn't think it would matter much how you placed it except for convenience and space.

if your playing with a band or other people, recording, or live settings i would think you would want the bass drum facing the people listening....
if you face it into the corner, it's going to sound a bit darker and less open. facing out, the kit will have more room to breath and you'll get more volume and brightness.


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ive heard rumors that your bass drum will sound more responsive if you face it towards the wall, the sound will apparently get back to your ears quicker, ive never tried it but ive always been curious about it.