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Yeah hotels are good but we might just sleep in the van some of the nights though since we all don't have much money. I don't work that much so I got to start saving soon.
Ick. Are you doing some gig sharing with other local bands? If so, see if one of your new friends might have a living room floor for you to crash on. Sleeping in a gear-packed van is probably not the best solution. In any event, if you can't afford $60-100 a night for one room (some people can crash on the floor), you might not be financially ready for a tour...


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Wait until you have to tell a wife/girlfriend you'll be leaving for 2 months... or longer!

A strong relationship is crucial if you're pursuing success in music (that is, traveling from time to time, being out Friday & Saturday nights when that's her weekend and she'd like to go out, keeping a bunch of gear stacked in the garage or inside the house, etc.)


It's not unknown for bands to go on tour for 18 months or longer.