tough not to be proud ....


Anthony Amodeo

Guest is my student Jared.....who I handed his first pair of sticks four years ago .

he is now off to University of Michigan in the fall to join their drum line .

here he is playing a piece Michigan uses called Blue Doubles

a work in progress ...... the section leaders at Michigan love the kid and are excited for him to join the team


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really good.
both you and he should be proud.
don't know about anyone else but i could watch those drumline guys all day!


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Awesome job to both of you guys; Anthony for your ability and commitment to teaching, and Jared for CLEARLY putting in lots of practice hours in those 4 years! That's quite impressive!


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Very impressive, Ants. You both should be very proud. And Michigan! Practically down the street from me :)

Anthony Amodeo

to check back in after a few hours and see so much love is a wonderful feeling

thanks so much my brothers

Jared works his tail off and drumming is the love of his life

he is actually quite the jazz player as well

I can't begin to tell you how proud I am of these students

two in Berklee and one more on his way there this fall

and now Jared on his way to Michigan to play snare in the drumline

just an awesome feeling

....and hey 8 may have to go check out my boy at some football games up there ....make sure he is holding it down



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Not only is the original post awesome, clicking your link led me to one of your subscriptions: GoAndPractice. Hairy Canaries, can that guy play. Even in a tutorial video, he can bend time and dynamics to his every whim... Memorizing to watch and fun to notate for later practice.

And again, you and your student are kicking ass in your respective areas of concern. Pride is an acceptable feeling in this situation. Pride in your work is what we all should strive for.


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Anthony, as an educator, I can identify with the pride you must feel. Congratulations to you and your talented young student. You have made the most of teamwork, dedication, and enthusiasm, and I thoroughly enjoyed his video.


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That was badass man. It must be a pretty satisfying feeling to see the fruits of your labor too, right? Way to go Ant.


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Such a feel with the pulse right the way through. Love the changes. & "tough not to be proud"? why fight pride? Shout it from the rooftops if you want, it's the main reason why you do what you do. IMHO, there's something even more satisfying about pride in someone else's achievements than pride in your own. Great team = equal glory :)

Anon La Ply

He played great with the met and has really good hands so that reflects well on both of you, especially since he's only played for 4 years.

Was thinking the title of this thread would make a good title for a soul song ... like "Ain't too pround to beg" or "Right to be wrong" ...


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Very impressive. In only 4 years....dang.

You should be very proud of your students as well your teaching skills. Excellent job there, Anthony.