Top Cowbell songs!


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Pretty late to this thread, but one song that I absolutely love that has cowbell in it is Mountains “Mississippi Queen”. That intro gets me every time!


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Good Times, Bad Times and Houses Of The Holy - Led Zep

You Fool No-one - Deep Purple

And, for a very different use of cowbells, Xanadu - Rush


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YES BERMUDA....Grazing in the Grass!!!! Love that one....sorry for yelling.

You Fool No One.....hadn't heard this one, love it!!


The late Gary Driscoll on the first Blackmore's Rainbow LP: "Still I'm Sad", "Black Sheep of the Family" are the 2 tracks that come to mind... I like the way he layered the cowbell into the rhythm (a "ride cowbell", so to speak). Driscoll was also in Ronnie Dio's pre-Rainbow band, Elf, and I have heard a few recordings by them with his distinctive cowbell in the mix.

On a related note: do any drummers or percussionists ever use a cowbell with a clapper inside ? Or is that type of bell strictly for cows ?


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