Top 5 Metal Snares


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There's only three: Black Beauty, Supraphonic, Acrolite.

Everything else is a copy of one of those ;)

(Putting on my flame retardant suit now)
I agree...................everything else is just a copy!

Bo, I may need to find a suit like yours.................quick.

Matt Bo Eder

I agree...................everything else is just a copy!

Bo, I may need to find a suit like yours.................quick.
True! But I did forget to mention the original Rogers Dyna-sonic. It's a drum that's both loved and hated, but I had a good experience with it in college. One of the best dang snares I ever played ;)


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Ludwig seems most iconic. Rogers and Slingerland- less so.

I wonder if there are any Gretsch snares that have a bit of sought-after classic status?

Captain Bash

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I really don't know what the worlds top 5 snare drums are, so much depends on style of music, player and playability. I have always found the much hallowed Ludwig snares rather underwhelming, they sound ok but just don't do it for me.

However, I have particular sonic and construction preferences and generally gravitate to these.

So for me in the metal snare category it's a Keplinger Brass 6x14, Ayotte Keplinger stainless steel 13x6 and Pearl Ultracast aluminium 5.5 x14.

Roy E. Munson

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All snares i own and/or have owned....

1. Tama Bell Brass (2015 model-own)
2. Joyful Noise TKO (sold)
3. Ludwig LM402T (sold)
4. Ludwig Classic Maple Spirit of 76 (own)
5. OCDP 30 ply 7x13 w/ 4 vents (sold-HUGE MISTAKE)
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1. Sonor D505, ferromanganese seamless spun shell, 14"x5.75"
For the remaining 4 ones, I guess:
2. Leedy 1920s Multi Model
3. AK drums Copper Standard 14" x 6.5"
4. Dunnett Titanium 14"x6"
5. Tama Starphonic 14"x6" Bell Brass


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My top 5 metal that I have played:

Ludwig Brass Supra and the Supersensitives.

Pearl Free floating 5x14 brass and the Tico Torres cast aluminum.

Tama Imperial Star Mastercraft spun steel shell.


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Of the snares I own my favorite metal are (in no particular order):

Ludwig Spraphonic 6.5" bronze (keystone badge) with a wood batter hoop.
Rogers Dyna-Sonic (1971).
Sonor D506X (ferromanganese).
Drumcraft 6.5" cast aluminum.
TAMA 6.5" Imperialstar (vintage).

Honorable mentions:

TAMA King Beat - 5.5" (both earlier and later versions).
Pearl Free Floating 6.5" copper shell.
1969 Ludwig Acrolite.
1940s Sonor parade drum with aluminum shell.
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I only own two metal snare drums currently:

1) Joyful Noise Studio Bronze 14 x 6.5
2) Super Ludwig COB Pre-serial 14 x 5

These snare drums absolutely kill. The Super Ludwig is the old double-flanged COB shell with the red baseball bat muffler, and MAN is it the business.

The JN is just a stone cold maniac - tone for days, and versatile? You bet. Engraved by John Aldridge...Gosh...

I traded an old Acro (3) and another snare for the Ludwig, and it was the best gear-related move I've made.

To round out the five:

4) Pearl free-floating piccolo brass (80s). Gifted to a student, this thing was great :)

5) Tama Starphonic Aluminium Shell 14 x 6. My friend has one, and it always sounds amazing.

Peace -


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This thread is a trap, I got "snared" in...

Ok, I am happy to see the Rogers Dynasonic ranks with some folks. I have one I think is a 1973 or 74. I can't say for sure which unless drum is stamped. I think I bought it new. But I don't recall my trade from a Pearl snare to it now. I just did a chrome polish job on it yesterday, it came out pretty nice for it's age.

I have 3 snares. 2 of the 3 are metal.

I picked up the Mapex a month or so ago. I loved it's crashing rimshots. It's one tight a$$ snare when snares are tightened. IF I want a butt cynched snare sound, that's the one.

The DW's rimshots are equally powerful, the wood tone is very nice to the drum. Snare sound a little looser. Tends to rattle a bit with other drums more than the Mapex. That could be it's tune. I'm no expert on tuning snares relative to other drums or other drums for that matter!

Rogers. I replaced both heads on it 2 months ago. I can't seem to get that old performance level back out of it. It may need a snare replacement, I don't know. I've tried most all in adjustments. I may let a guy or two I know down at GC give a stab at adjusting it soon. See if they can get it back to where it should be. I considered trading it or selling it. Finally, I said, no, I will keep it.

1. DW 6.5 X 14 Performance shell snare.
2. Mapex Tomohawk 5 X 14 I think.
3. Rogers Dynasonic. 5 X 14

I think 5" is right on 2 and 3.


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thanks, the Rogers may be a 5.5 too, 1/2 tough to measure when you don't know where rim begins and drum ends just looking at them. we will say 5.5 on both. unless someone knows different on the dynasonic.

gaz farrimond

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In no particular order, but all are in the collection:

Sonor Signature Symphony brass
Dunnett SS
Yamaha SD4470 brass
Sonor D426
Tama Metalworks steel (Original run)

The Dunnett needs to be played in anger yet, the Yamaha is only used on occasion and the 'grab-bag go to' snare at the moment is the Tama. The Sonor's are collectors/recording pieces only.

Unfortunately I don't use metal snares that often at the moment.

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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The ones I own and use the most are my:

5x14 Gretsch Hammered brass dch
5x14 Ludwig Black Beauty dch

I have other but those see the most use.

I have a couple of 4160s so I consider myself covered.

Was curious about the Zildjian N&C drum, but I guess I just don't get it.

What I would like though are some of those AK drums and a George Way Elkhart.
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I'm kinda partial to these 4:

2011 Joey Kramer "Hit Hard" Black Nickel over Brass 6.5 x 14
1978 LM405 Acrolite with ORIGINAL Imperial Lugs 6.5 x 14
1964 LM400 Supraphonic Chrome over Ludalloy 5 x 14
1964 LM404 Acrolite 5 x 14