Top 5 Metal Snares


COB Knuckles

1. Rogers 14x6.5 COB Big R Dynasonic
2. DW 14x6.5 Stainless Steel Collector's Edition
3. Ludwig 14x6.5 COB Supraphonic
4. DW 14x5.5 Aluminum Collector's Edition
5. Pearl 14x6.5 Steel Sensitone


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1. 1960s 14 x 5 Supra
2. Pearl FF with 14 x 5" Copper shell.
3. Tama 14 X 5.5" Hammered Bronze shell
4. Pearl 14x6.5 Non-beaded Aluminum
5. Tama 14 x 5" Bronze shell.


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My choices don't include size because It would make the list too long. :)
In no particular order
Ludwig Black Beauty - they all sound great - if you are serious about playing you have to have one.
Ludwig Supraphonic - arguably the most recorded drum both the Ludaloy and the COB are great.
Ludwig Hammered bronze - just sound so good and it is a Ludwig.
Rogers Powertone - I find the Dynasonic to be too delicate and finicky - a great drum.
Noonan two piece Brass shell - made like a 20's Black Beauty -Steve Gadd bought two nickel plated versions - nuff said ?
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Ludwig 14 x 5 Supraphonic
Ludwig 14 x 5 Black Beauty
Stanton Moore Drum Co. 14 x 4.5 Spirit of New Orleans Titanium
DW 14 x 6.5 Black Nickel over Brass
Ludwig 14 x 6.5 Hammered Bronze Supraphonic

All amazing Snares, and in no particular order!


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Ludwig Acrolite
Ludwig LM402
Ludwig Black Beauty 14x6.5
Ludwig Hammered Bronze 14x6.5
Stanton Moore Spirit of New Orleans 14x4.5


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Depends on where you get it,how is the condition and your bargain skills .
I saw some used ones, but they were $500. Is that about what you'd expect? I really don't think I could afford that, I would use that type of money for new cymbals... any good snares from $100-200?


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I saw some used ones, but they were $500. Is that about what you'd expect? I really don't think I could afford that, I would use that type of money for new cymbals... any good snares from $100-200? can get a great acro for that price....or a supra that needs work


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Pearl Ian Paice sig snare
Pearl Ultracast 14x6.5
the LM 402 but i dont like Ludwigs hardware had way too many break downs over the years
I don't know about top 5, but my all time favorite is the Yamaha Paul Leim, followed by the Steve Gadd and Akira Jimbo, then the Tama Kenny Aronoff. There are so many good signature snares out there. It's good to be a drummer! There are a lot of other really cool instruments for sure, but I think drums have the widest range and most options by far. How lucky are we?!

Bo Eder

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I've owned every one of my top 5:

Tama Stewart Copeland
Ludwig Black Beauty
Rogers dynasonic
Ludwig Supraphonic
Ludwig Acrolite

Jeremy Bender

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These are my favorites in no particular order...
JNDC 5x14 Nickel plated Brass
JNDC 4x14 Aluminum (Luminary series)
Ludwig 5x14 Bronze Supersensitive
Roger's Dynasonic
Sonor D506
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I think I am biased when I say it has to be the 5 that I currently use:
1930s Boosey & Hawkes seamless brass 14x5 with calfskin head

I mostly use wood... though I do want a black beauty one day...
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I never felt the need to buy another metal drum after my 6.5" 80's hammered bronze Ludwig, but I guess:

50's-60's 5.5" COB Gretsch
60's 6.5" Ludwig Supraphonic
60's-70's 5.5" Ludwig Acrolite (recording engineers seem to like them)
70's-80's Tama Bell Brass -- no experience with them, but I WANT ONE.
60's Rogers Dynasonic should really be in there, too.

And just for fun: mid-80's 8" hot pink enameled 1/4" core-10 steel by Gregg Keplinger-- the thing was like the Titanic of snare drums-- it weighed about 40 pounds. I think that was a one-off, but he probably still has it. Contact him c/o American Music in Seattle to try to buy it, or convince him to build you one.