Top 5 Fav Drummers (inspirational to your style)


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1.Jeremy Hummel
2.Michael Thomas
3.Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan
4.Joey Jordison
5.Derek Roddy

Honorable mention
1.Chris Adler
2.Neil Peart
Very tough to make this list! Too many great drummers out there.


Roy Haynes
Tony Williams
Ginger Baker
Igor Cavalera
Lars Ulrich


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1. Bonzo
2. Matt Cameron
3. Lars
4. Dave Grohl
5. Nick Menza

Lars and Nick early in my playing, Cameron and Grohl a little later and Bonham always. Not necessarily my favorite drummers, but guys that definitely influenced how I play.


1. Michael Ranne (Through The Eyes Of The Dead)
2. Alex Grind (Despised Icon)
3. Adam Gray (Texas In July)
4. Chris Adler (Lamb Of God)
5. Travis Barker (Blink 182)

Yes I know, I know, Barker isn't the most popular of drummers around these forums, but Blink is seriously the ONLY non-deathish metal I listen to. He's fast and their songs are really fun to play a long to.


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My five in no particular order.

Tommy Lee- Motley Crue
Eric Singer - Kiss
Johnny Kelly from Type O Negative
Chuck Comeau- Simple Plan
Jason Bittner-Shadows Fall

Steve Smith and Neil Peart get honorable mentions. I've been able to master about 50 percent of each of the styles listed above. Hopefully one day I'll be at 100%.


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Tough list to make for sure.

1) Keith Moon (I already expect comments on this one..)
2) Carter Beauford
3) Gavin Harrison
4) Gene Krupa
5) Steve Gadd

I can't really make a complete list with just 5 names, so I'll name a few more (a top ten would be more suitable).

Max Roach
Manu Katché
Mike Portnoy
Simon Philips
Chad Smith
Mitch Mitchell

I guess I have a thing for drummers who make the drums a front line instrument, rather than only a supportive instrument. From Jazz, to Rock, to a few Metal drummers, there are plenty of talented drummers and percussionists that inspire me.


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Ooh...this could be tricky.

1. John Bonham (probably)
2. Dave Lombardo
3. Nicko McBrain
4. Jojo Mayer
5. Bernard Purdie

I think this is more in terms of aspiration, i.e. 'what do I want to sound like?'.
It's hard though. I take things from everywhere, so I don't know if this list is the best it could be.


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1. Peter Criss
2. Keith Moon
3. John Bonham
4. Billy Cobham
5. Stewart Copeland

These guys, and top 40 rock/funk of the mid to late 70's are what my foundation consists of.


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Every drummer influences me but if I had to narrow it down to the five I'm influenced by the most, they are:

1. Steve Smith
2. Dave Weckl
3. Jack Dejohnette
4. Rayford Griffin
5. Neil Peart


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For direct influence on my style, I believe my list would look something like this. In no particular order:

- Jeff Campitelli (Joe Satriani)

- Daniel Adair (3 Doors Down, Martone, Nickelback, Burn Halo, etc)

- Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters)

- Ray Luzier (Army Of Anyone, Dave Lee Roth, Korn)

- Ben Hall (The Butterfly Effect)
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What I want to play?

Danny Carey
Neil Peart
Sean Reinert
Thomas Pridgen
Martin Lopez

But I'm too new to have any style, so what I actually play:

Tommy Igoe
Gary Chester
George L Stone
Ted Reed
Carmine Appice


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Pretty much in order of direct influence;

Simon Phillips
Prairie Prince
Danny Seraphine
Jeff Pocaro
Dennis Elliott

I take elements from these five, & probably hundreds more without knowing it. I'm not very knowledgeable on drummers, & pay little attention to their work (& some would say that shows, lol!), but these five certainly helped fire me up.


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Not the best drummers in the world, I know, but the most influential to my style of playing:

1) Dave Grohl (Nirvana/Foo Fighters/QOTSA/Them Crooked Vultures)
2) Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters)
3) Adrian Young (No Doubt)
4) Tré Cool (Green Day)

And (I may get kicked out of the forum for this):

5) Travis Barker