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7th avenue - Dave Weckl

Probably not iconic but that sound! You know it's him by the 2nd accent! Awesome!

Yeah, Superstition and 20th Century Fox are winning for me.

I also love the military snare work on the Aliens soundtrack (although not an intro)


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I took the question to mean sings where the snare drum starts the song before any other instrument.... anyway, I always think of "Tommy The Cat" by Primus for this. Superb track & Tim Alexander was a fine drummer.
First song that popped into my head. LOVE Herb.

I guess I'd have to add "Digital Bath" by the Deftones to the list. Instantly recognizable, often imitated, but never duplicated.

Edit: I'd also like to give some John Stanier love here, with "I Know" by Helmet, and "Race-In" by Battles (I know Battles can't yet really be labeled 'iconic', but it's a killing intro nonetheless).