Tone/pitch device?

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There are a few drum tuning products out there that listen to your drums and tell you the frequency of your drums, but this thread isn’t actually about that. I want to tune drums the old fashioned way (by ear) so I’m looking for a little device that can play a pitch that I select and get my drums matched.

I know, I know, use an app. But I keep phones and computers out of my music room so to avoid distractions.

Surely there’s a simple, old (used) tuning thing that produces audible tones out there? I’m actually coming up with little results while searching online.


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It seems to me that you could use a guitar, a piano, even a pitch pipe. You need to play a pitch. Grab one of your guitars.


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Tune Bot and keyboard for me.
All the notes and hz numbers are written down in a little book.
Wish I had perfect pitch.


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A Melotron?



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I understand the desire to learn to tune by ear but unless you're a prodigy you will get substantially better results using a device like a Tune-Bot. Better still, you'll learn how to tune by ear by proxy. It's a win-win situation.