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I do not understand why certain musicians do not respect other musicians that are not incredible technicians.

Listen to Nirvana. I happen to not like their music. However, they influenced an entire generation. To not give Kurt Cobain credit as a guitar play would not be fair. And I will say that Tommy is a hundred times better than Kurt was on the guitar.

Tommy is actually a very solid drummer.
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I don't know why, but lately I have been on a bit of a Motley & Korn kick. I think alot of us go through these periods. Please don't read into the lyrics of these kicks, just the music, just the music. I guess what my comment is relates to some of the live music that has finally surfaced after all these years. I am really impressed by the quality of the drumming. Tommy rarely screws up. He is extremely consistant, and does all the little things correct.
Also a ??? is Tommy the drummer who started the trend to have two diffrient sized bass drum. I think going back to the Dr. Feelgood, that was the first time I had seen the diffrient sized bass drums. Ironically Korn sounds like there are two diff sized bass drums, although I have not looked up the kit specs on the mfg web sites.
Also, does anyone know where I could find sheet music for the drum portion to Crue songs?


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It's been nearly 6 months since my last post on this topic. And... this thread is still running strong.

Basic answer is...

Tommy is one of the greatest rock drummers ever. If you disagree... your welcome to your opinion. But, you have a world of ignorance blocking you.

Smell the reality.

Bring one of your favorite drummers who has nearly 30 years of respect in the industry.


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Hey Everybody.

Did anyone get to see Tommy on Rockstar: Supernova, this week? What did y'all think?



The performance on rock star was a lot of flash, not much substance in my opinion, it just looked like he was beating the crap out of his trap set for show, with some stick spinning stuff thrown in. The end of the song fills were not that impressive, to long and boring for my taste. But as I have heard em say on that show, it must of been song selection!

Honestly i think Nate did a beater job


scarlit said:
I thought I was the only one on this forum who was a Tommy fan. Serously, as far as rock drummers go, I think he's one of the best. Check out the Crue's live album, there's some cool playing on it.

your not the only fan TOMMY LEE RULES


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could be getting to compare lee with the house drummer every week,i'd say his stock has went up and lee's down...


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pdp 9091 said:
thats how drummers like him get well like from non drummers. Alot of fancy tricks with lights and swining from platform to platform above the crowd on risers and what not. If a drummer is really so great they dont have to add all that stuff in. You dont see steve gadd on bungee chords swinging from drumset to drumset with pyros attached to his drums.
Ask 10 people (nondrummers) who Steve Gadd is. Then ask them who Tommy Lee is. Then compare bank accounts and you'll see why he does this stuff.

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It was said quite a few times in this thread. Tommy Lee might not be the greatest rock drummer of all time, but he is a Legend in the drumming community. If anyone had a chance to see the Carnival Of Sins tour, you have to acknowledge that. Yes, he is a showman, but he is also a drummer... probably better than most of us. Tommy Lee lives a lifestyle that many want to live and I think that is a problem for some people, especially the TL haters. You know how it goes.. "misery loves company." Sure, Tommy doesn't seem like a very humble and friendly person at times... but thats what the media wants us to see. I'm sure if you talk to his close friends, you will find a very different man behind all the media hype. Regardless... he is a legend in the drumming community, he brought quite a bit of showmanship to a very dull drumming community in the early 80's, and he is EXCELLENT at what he does. Tommy Lee gets an A+ on the drummer scale. Not just becuase of his drumming... but becuase he is able to create so much drama. ;-)


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bighaibigdrums said:
Ask 10 people (nondrummers) who Steve Gadd is. Then ask them who Tommy Lee is. Then compare bank accounts and you'll see why he does this stuff.
but you fail to see that stellar brilliant people are less drawn towards awards or money. the satisfaction of doing what he loves keeps him doing it on and on day and night .......... not only in music in every field .... Example Grigory Perelman the russian mathematician who has supposedly solved the almost 100 yrs old poincare conjecture ( prized :$1,000,000) has even refused the Fields medal ( the Nobel equivalent in Maths ) ......and the dollars in other prizes...... (do read what he is doing now).....

argue with some other points but do not compare Gadd with Tommy Lee like a fool......

FYI Gadd may not be in an adult video but he is right now not dying of hunger on the streets either.
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bighaibigdrums said:
Ask 10 people (nondrummers) who Steve Gadd is. Then ask them who Tommy Lee is. Then compare bank accounts and you'll see why he does this stuff.
I like Tommy Lee too.......but thats just rediciulous. Go to Gadd's website, and look at how many recordings he is on, and how many different artist, who I'm sure sold records in the 10's of millions. If Gadd only got a dollar from each he's still a very wealthy man.


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I have been buying dvds latley. I bought Journey 2001 and Carnival of sin. Both Tommy and Deen Castronova have two bass drums but use a double pedal. Is it just for looks?
Tommy uses, it looks like, a 24" and the 28?" is not being touched. Why?

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bighaibigdrums said:
Ask 10 people (nondrummers) who Steve Gadd is. Then ask them who Tommy Lee is. Then compare bank accounts and you'll see why he does this stuff.
LMAO!!! First of all, you have no idea what either man's financial situation is like. For all you know Tommy is bankrupt and doing these reality shows to keep himself afloat.

Honestly, I'll bet 10... or 100 average Joes on the street would have heard more recordings done by Steve Gadd than Tommy Lee and you know what, that's what matters. The difference between the two of them (moreso than Gadd's infinately greater talent and Tommy's giant member), is that Gadd doesn't care if his name is plastered all over the things he does and that's what makes his character and personality superior. He doesn't need glitzy, glam-rock bullcrap to make people respect and care about him. Gadd just does things that make people happy, regardless if they even realize he's playing.

The ability to make your mark with style and humility is the secret to being truly great at something. Playing with lit torches in a motorized cage is not.