Tommy Igoe's Great Hands


Hey, I'm thinking about getting this book and DVD, but it appears that Tommy is using the "flying fingers grip" (Sorry for the dumb question, is the flying fingers grip where the palm is up and the stick rests on top?)
I'm not at all interested in learning this grip right now, and I would not buy this book if he strictly teaches this grip.

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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Flying fingers grip? Is that from The House of Flying Daggers?


Tommy plays both trad and matched. It's not relevant in regards to getting use of the product.

The DVD is mainly about learning The Lifetime Warm-Up, a rudimental warm-up routine originally created by Tommy's father, Sonny.


Okay, Yep! Dumb me. Lol. (Matched grip...thank you)
I've been getting through the book "Stick Control" and I've been gaining speed and precision. Is it another whole animal for me to buy Tommy Igoe's Great Hands? I'd rather not shell out the $20 if I could help it.


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I'm a big fan of the Great Hands DVD. I don't think there's much overlap with working out of Stick Control. Other than the fact that both are meant to work your hands, they are pretty different experiences.

He has you practice lots of individual rudiments so you can ultimately put them all together and play the warmup he uses (which came from his father, Sonny Igoe, an excellent big band drummer). Part of the appeal with Tommy is how he presents the material, so it's just different than reading exercises out of the book. It's pretty interactive.

The grip you use isn't really the point. Tommy plays traditional, but you can just apply the right hand techniques he talks about to your left hand.

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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When learning it, it teaches you the most important rudiments.

When you kow it, it's a very well tought out warm-up that takes care of you in a very short amount of time.

I also use this with many of my students just slowly adding to it.
I think it is a great book/DVD, I still use the warm up every day. You can use matched or traditional. In the video there are students using both.


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Adding that this is a really good resource to have as well. The Lifetime Warmup is amazing, and I've been neglecting it for over a year now :(