Tommy Igoe now with Yamaha


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Oops! I did a search but must have put in the wrong thing.

I guess I should not read to much into an artist changing brands but I have been kicking around the idea of dumping the deetubyas and getting something else.

Stefan Brodsky

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For the longest time, that's all I dreamed about-DWs. Then about 2 years ago, my drum shop guy, said he could get me into a set of Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute Nouveau's for about $1K less than a set of DWs. Same hand made maple drums. Did so and am very happy. You'll need better heads vs. the ones Yamaha supplies. Any higher quality Remo, Evans or Aquarians are a must, as are good resos as well. Good luck.
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Bo Eder

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I was the same way: loved that design ever since it was Camco. And when I finally got them (two of them, as a matter of fact), I was either over them, or I wasn't impressed. I should've been impressed. For the price I paid and looking at the construction and attention to detail, they are quite stunning. But I ultimately went back to Tama. But I've had Yamaha RC's too, as well as Ludwig, Slingerland, Rogers, Gretsch, Pearl....I think the fact that my first pro kit was a Tama Superstar back in '84, and then coming back to them over 20 years later says something. But DW's are wonderful, and I think they sound great when somebody else is playing 'em!

I like to think I sound the same on every brand, which means it really doesn't matter what brand you play. Play what you like.