Tom Tuning - Jazz Sound to Rock Sound


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I've been playing for a few years on an electric kit. Just about a week ago I finally got an acoustic kit, and I've been trying to get it to sound just right.

I watched a few videos on Youtube about tuning, and was able to get my toms' pitch to be perfect, but the sound isn't quite right.

The sound is very open... They're perfect for a jazz kit, but I want to get them to sound more like a rock tom...

My question is: how would I make the toms sound more rock-like and less open-sounding? I'm assuming it's something to do with the heads? Should I try throwing some EC2's on and seeing if that helps?

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Yes, any 2ply batter over single ply reso. Remo, Evans, or others.

My current favorite: Ec2 clear batter over G1 clear reso. Tune just past the wrinkles to start and then pitch tune up from there. Should get a nice deep fat sound.