Tom Mounting Systems.

I have an old Peavey kit (which is like a Pearl Forum or Export if you ask me) that I use at band practice but I want to upgrade the mounting system as the Pearl mounting system is terrible. What kind of mounting systems could I use? Preferably something that's like a Tama/Mapex (Omni-ball?) as I'm more used to them. The cymbal hardware on the kit are some vintage Tama one's so mounting onto cymbal stands is not an issue!

Thanks guys!


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It's all just personal choice. Select a mount that you like and install it.
Gibraltar makes a good ball mount in addition to the mounts that you mentioned.
They are all good mounts.
If you want to clamp it to a cymbal stand then go with that.
I have been getting into rail mounts as of late. I have them on two of my 4 piece kits.
Experiment and have fun with hardware configurations.