Tom Mounting Systems


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This Gretsch system on my Renown's are low profile and hold toms securely with little to no movement. I use the Mapex Sonic Clear clamp instead of the ones that came with the kit because I did notice an increase in resonance with the MSC clamps and they allowed me to pull my toms a little closer. My Renown hybrid rack toms do have more sustain then my Saturn rack toms even with Evan's EC2 heads on the RW1. Plus I really like the way the GTS mounts look and they add very little weight.



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Another vote for the Tama Starcast system (with the die-cast hoops-not the clips).

I have seen threads where these mounts got a real thrashing for being one of the worst systems available, but in my experience they've been trouble free. I have the older black style on my '99 Performers. I like the fact that there is no connection between the mount and the lugs and I've never had them loosen up on me. The only tom I don't like them on is a 16" that I intend to mount proper "floor tom" legs on in the future. But for traditional "rack tom" sizes-8, 10, 12, (even 14) I think they are great.

An added bonus for me was being able to remove the well-worn Swivo-matic mounts from my Rogers Holiday/Tower toms and use Tama Star-cast mounts on them. (Starcast mounts with rims are pretty cheap/easy to find actually).

The toms sound great and I now have completely updated hardware options for them...


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I like the current Mapex design. Mounts that interfere with the head changing process are novelty items to me. Or ridiculously large mounts like Pearl, that make toms look like marching snares. Pass.