Tom Mount Help - '70's Concert Toms

Zeus Mutation

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I'm trying use my concert toms again. Problem is they have the old slid mount. I see original stands on ebay, unfortunately they aren't flexible enough for my needs. It sounds easy enough, go buy new mounts… I think the measurements are different, and I'm not going to drill new holes. I'll know more tomorrow when I go to GC looking for a new mount… but, before that…

Does anyone have experience changing the mounts or suggestions for me?

Thank you!!



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Ludwig ATLAS mounts would be perfect if you don't want to drill any holes. They replace one of the lugs and let you use a normal L-rod tom arm that can be positioned how you like.

The only drawback is the cost. They sell for $50 each or 3 for $120. They are great mounts, though.

Zeus Mutation

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Thanks Brad… I guess I could make my own L bracket and such. I've bid on a Luddy L from ebay, and I'll check out those Atlas you mentioned too.

Vintage Old School

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Another option is to purchase used omni-mounts of your choice, take them to a machine shop or local welder and fabricate a slider piece to fit in the stock mounts on the concert tom shells. You can trim down the mount arms to the desired length, then weld the newly fabricated slider mounts to the omni-mounts. Weld a small gusset for reinforcement and you have adjustable mounts for all your concert toms.