Tom Mount Clarification


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Hoping someone can help me...I recently purchased on ebay (what I thought) was a Tama 10" Starcast Tom Mount for a 3 (hoop) hole Tama Starclassic Tom. When I recieved the mount and tried to install it to the Tom - the holes do not line up and the Mount does not fit the Tom. There are no "Tama" or "Starcast" markings on the mount to indicate that it's even from Tama. I thought all Tama Drums and Hardware are manufactured in Japan...the mount I recieved says Made in China...Any ideas as to what I have (other than a problem!!!) - Rocket44


I can't help you with the tom mount situation, but most of the Tama lines are manufactured in China, this includes the Birch/Bubinga drums. The only two series, to just recently, that are manufactured in Japan is the Starclassic Bubinga and Starclassic Maple drums, now my understanding is that most of those are too going to China for manufacture.