Tom-Lug help

So I was practicing on my drum set and I noticed that the studio ring on my 13 inch tom looked kind of wavy. I checked it out and it was actually the head that was wavy. A lug had broken off. I've never had this happen before. So, do I just buy a new one? What causes it to come off?


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The lug broke, or the tensioning screw broke? Did the lug screws come off from the inside of the drum? Did a screw break, Either way it must be replaced...


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So, do I just buy a new one? What causes it to come off?


1: Contaminants in the metal (shitty steel)
2: Improper cooling of the steel
3: Gas bubbles during casting
4: Poor quality machining
5: Force exceeding the shearing capacity of a part

Did you shear the bolt(s), or did you shear the lug's posts that the bolts screw into?


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I repair kits as a hobby. I've come across countless broken lugs but pretty much only on cheap kits. The lugs they use are garbage and not nearly the same quality as on high end kits.
My kit is a Pulse pro (not exactly high end), and the part that the screws go into on the lug broke off, I just bought another one for 5 bucks and now all is good.