Tom Causing Feedback On Snare


I dont even know if thats what it is called, but my 8x8 tom is causing a lot of problems, i can't get it tuned correctly i suppose, But ever time i hit it i get a lot of tones coming from my snare as well. I dont have the money to get moon gels and i really dont want to put tape on my new heads.

Any body got a suggestion?

O and by the way, i have an evans ec2 coated head on the batter and the stock gretcsh head on the resonant.


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This is usually referred to as "snare buzz", and it will never go away completely. However, if it's really bad or really bothering you, it can be minimised through tuning the drums in relation to eachother. I have little experience with 8" toms, so I'll just have to advise you to experiment with the tuning of both drums.

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I have the same problem with my 10 inch tom and i tried re tuning and adjusting the snare and tom (also tried by two teachers and professional drummers) who couldnt get the buzz to go away without making either the tom or snare sound like rubbish.

There are a couple of things you could also try. Turn the snare upside down and de-tune the two lugs either side of the snare wire. Do this on both sides of the wire. Dont detune too much maybe about 1/8 a turn to start with and see if the buzz is better. But if you dont have a good reso head this can sometimes cause the head to snap so be careful. And unfortunately this does alter the snare sound somewhat and for my kit, didnt eliminate enough of the buzz to make it worth having the snare at a sound i didnt like. But every kit is different so this might solve it for your kit

The only other solution i have found to work, is putting a yellow duster (an ordinary household duster) between the snare drum and the snare stand. Make sure the duster is crumpled or folded, so that it is sandwiched between the snare and the stand. This seems to eliminate all of the buzz for me, without noticably altering the pitch of the snare, so I get the sound I want without the buzz. The only downside to this is that when I play loud the duster falls out, so the buzz comes back. Im still trying to figure out a way to get the duster to stay there (I don't want to tape it to the snare reso head or anything like that)

Hopefully something in there was useful
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Sympathetic buzz..

Tune one drum up a shade and the other down.....only slightly, just enough to to stop it. All snares buzz to a degree, that's what they do. But if you notice it's excessive when certain frequencies are played (i.e an 8" tom)....then tweak the tuning a tad.