Tom bleeds sound to other tom


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Hi all. Recently I added my 10 inch tom to my kit (to add another higher voice). I've noticed when I strike my 12 inch tom that I can hear a "warbling" effect from it. When I mute the reso head of the 10 inch tom, the "warbling" goes away.

Before I start messing around with tuning, which I planned on doing anyway, is there a way to get rid of this, or do I just need to accept the fact that this tom is feeding off the other one? I'm even considering removing the 10 altogether, but I really like the extra sound it provides.

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The two must be close in tuning. I had my ride cymbal at one time cause my 12 inch tom to vibrate and sound. Try tweaking the two toms a little further apart in tuning and you should get rid of it.


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You can probably tune it away or most of it.
Anyway I think it's unlikely that, while you're playing with the band at fortissimo level, as soon as you hit the 12" in the heat of the fill, your gorgeous singer will cringe and stop and demand to get that 10" out of the room NOW because OMG it bleeds all over the place.... :)


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If it's actually an offensive, very audible dissonance, then tuning will help dial it out.

If it's just something you notice from behind the kit, leave it alone. Drums typically ring sympathetically, it's just part of the sound of the kit. Like snare buzz - a little is good. One tom buzzing the snare more than another tom is even better, it's how real drums sound. Try this: hit the kick and toms, then throw off your snare wires and do the same. Does the kick still sound as good? The toms? If they do, you've got some magic drums there!

If the toms are mic'd and the ringing is especially noticeable, those toms to be gated.