Tom Batter Heads PowerStroke PS3 Clear or Equivalent


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Hey All, I bought a Ludwig Vistalite Big Beat shell pack several years back, and am looking to finally upgrade from the factory tom heads. The original batter heads are the WeatherKing Heavies, which I guess are the equivalent of clear Ambassadors. I liked them best with a dampening ring around the top heads. I guess the equivalent of that would be a PowerStroke PS3 clear, but damn if I can't find them anywhere for a decent price. Seems finding drum heads got harder in recent times. I also see that Aquarian has the Studio X clears. I tried Pinstripes (2-ply), which seem pretty good, but I think I prefer the 1-ply sound with the outer ring. Any suggestions as to where I can get the PS3 clears or an equivalent option ? Thanks !!


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I've used the Aquarian Studio-X heads and I really like them. They muffle differently than Powerstroke-type heads so they're a little more open and natural-sounding.