Tom Angle?


What is "right" or to be more precise perfect angle for me or anybody else?
I know it is truly personal choice, but I still can't find my perfect tom angle.
Thankfully my toms aren't that deep so I can set up them flat, more or less angled.
TBH I feel comfortable playing whatever angle I change it very often.
My drum idols such as Dave Lombardo and Nicko McBrain heavily angled toms (theirs are power toms I think).


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They should be angled I think. Apparently, Ginger Baker had them flat just to make it harder for himself! On the other hand, Keith Carlock has them tilted the other way because it suits traditional grip...


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I don't think logically..tom angles or lack thereof is dependent on the out front cool factor. Buddy Rich had the tom angle cool look. Going 4 piece after all these years I gotta be in the cool zone.

C. Dave Run

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What is "right" or to be more precise perfect angle for me or anybody else?
You want the tip of the stick to meet the surface of the drum at a complimentary angle, meaning not too steep. If it is too steep, the tip of the stick can actually bury itself in the head and create dimples.

I cant tell you the correct angle, because it will be based on your specific factors, ie seat height, positioning, etc.


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where you could- can- if you wanted to- execute : ) a rimshot
I have a hard enough time with snare rimshots. Now the toms, too? F that! I’ll do it when I’m riding a floor tom sometimes, that’s about it.

Anyway, my thoughts are that positioning drums is a real pain in the ass, but you have to put them somewhere. The two things I can’t stand are having a lot of shell between the snare and rack tom batter heads, having a lot of space between rack and floor, and denting heads. So I’m tilting my rack tom a little whether it’s perceived as cool or not, but not so much that I stick the tips into the heads and dent them.


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I check my angles daily
they are one thing that are adjustable without affecting head tension
"angle of attack" small toms , snare drum, to a lesser degree floor tom, Ride cymbal, left side cymbal, hi hat stand to a lesser degree is almost a daily chore.

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Floor toms are flat and about the same height as snare (maybe a little lower).
Rack tom is slightly angled right in front of me.

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This is my go-to set up as well (plus 1 floor tom). My rack is a 14x10 concert tom on a snare stand. So the angle is pretty good.
I've always been a fan of Travis Barker's set up where his toms are all flat. I wish I could do that with a 24" kick, but it's just not doable for ergonomic playing. :(


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