Todd Sucherman here!

Derek Roddy

Todd....D-Rod here.
Man, looking forward to hanging at the MD fest.
Can't wait to see you rock out!




The 5.8 earthquake in LA the other day has delayed our production, hopefully no longer than 4 or 5 days. We were supposed to have product and begin shipping by now but the replication house in LA had to inspect and re calibrate all the machines, etc. So, for those that have place orders I offer my apologies on behalf of mother nature who will win every time. Sorry for the delay!

Thanks for your interest, your orders, and your patience!


Hey! Have you begun to ship it now or is it still delayed?

I'm absolutley blown away by your drumming!
Rock on!

Todd Sucherman

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Hey Derek!

Likewise, man. I look forward to hearing you and hanging. We'll have fun, no doubt!

DTrocks---thanks a lot! OK, here's the update:

The first batch ships Monday the 11th. For those who ordered the autographed versions there will be a 3-4 day delay on that as they have to FedEx a box to me on the road. They'll be signed and FedExed back to Altitude Digital where they will ship out immediately.

At this point I have yet to hold a copy in my hands. That will happen on Monday and the Altitude guys are thrilled with the packaging---which is something I personally find very important. So I'm quite excited to finally see it. It's been a ton of work, so thanks to those who have placed orders and thanks to those who will----and thanks for the support and patience!

Cheers from New Jersey--


Hey Todd!

What about a update on the dvd...? I haven't orderd it yet because im a little short on money right now, and i am just waiting for berhnard (drummerworld) to upload some more clips from the dvd..

Best wishes!

Todd Sucherman

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Hey John,

Thanks! Great to hear from you, brother. Hope all's well!

DTrocks--We've been shipping since the 11th. The feedback I've received has been beautiful and gratifying. There are clips at:

Just scroll down and go to "more clips". Hope you dig it!

Got some cool news yesterday. The new Brian Wilson record (and live dvd) that I was honored to do called "That Lucky Old Sun" just got 4 stars from Rolling Stone, Mojo and Uncut. I'm so happy fro Brian. Anyone interested in that can check out the small movie clip about the record here:

I look forward to your feedback--

Cheers from Pittsburgh!



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Todd! Got the DVD in the mail a couple of days ago. Really digging it man! I'm a frequent styx concert goer, but have yet to see you in clinic form! It would be great to see you at a samash or guitar center near Philadelphia! I used to email you alot when i was younger through your website, and have gotten many sticks at shows from you. Thanks for all that! As far as the dvd, great work man! I've been waiting for a dvd from you for a long time! The "applying rudiments to the drum kit" section really gave me some great ideas to spice up my playing! I've been messing with the paradiddle and a half thing since i saw it, and its so great to experiment with! I also am interested in pursuing a career in music, and i thought it was great when you started talking about being a working musician was all you wanted to do, and at 16 now, thats all i want to do, for the rest of my life! Thanks for being such and inspiration since I first saw you in '97, and take care!


Todd Sucherman

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DTrocks & Earthshaker----thanks, guys! I hope you dig it and that it helps spur your playing in some cool new directions. Thanks for your kind words. As ever, all feedback (good and bad) is welcomed.

Pickupstyx---Thanks for your great feedback. I tried to somewhat systematically lay out the 30+ minute section on the pad (hybrid rudiments/compound stickings) and conjoin it with the 30+ minute application on the drums section. That way it makes sense. Here are ideas for the hands....and here are ways you can utilize them to SAY something on the instrument in a musical fashion. By changing up orchestrations and note rates---there's a thousand directions you can take those materials. I'm happy and flattered to have provided some inspiration for you. Thanks for letting me know, Joe!

Cheers from Syracuse--


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I too echo my welcomes to you. I've enjoyed styx music for a lot of years and really enjoy your drumming. (Also a big fan of your collection) I have 3 sets and 11 snares.

I am looking forward to getting the dvd, I just found out about it a few days ago but am intrigued to check it out and walk away with some nuggets of info.

You're playing is inspiring, Thanks



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Hey man, i saw you guys play in a little town called Ames, Iowa for a ton of bike riding people recently. I've heard a styx tune or so before (I'm young??) , but never really a whole lot of the music, but then again I didn't realize they had such a badass drummer. Anyway, just wanted to say you guys were awesome, your drumming's hella rocktacular, and it's cool you're on the forums. Didn't you mention something about a wife from Iowa or something??

Todd Sucherman

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Pete---thanks a lot, man. I hope you pick the DVD up and hope you get a whole bunch-o-nuggets out if it indeed. Thanks again!

VedranS---That was the Ragbrai Festival. It was cool chatting with Lance Armstrong backstage before that gig. That was a fun show as I remember. And yes, my wife is originally from DesMoines. She's a bad ass singer who's recorded and toured the world with Brian Wilson for the past 9 years. I produced her record last year that included appearances by Brian as well as Tommy Shaw (from Styx). Four tracks from that record are featured in my DVD "Methods and Mechanics." You can check out clips from Taylor's record at Hope you dig it and thanks for your note......and thanks for making it to the gig.

Cheers from Omaha en route to Lincoln, NE---


Todd Sucherman

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Hey guys,

Just dropping a note to tell you there's a great 30 minute documentary on the making of Brian Wilson's new record airing on VH1 Classic called "Brian Wilson: That Lucky Old Sun." It aired yesterday and today--and has a few more showings. It's an honor to have participated in this recording and this documentary really shows what Brian is like in the studio. It's very well done. You also get to see my wife Taylor and my long time musical brother, Scott Bennett do their thing. It's worth setting the Tivo for in my opinion!

Next airing times are:
Sept 4th 12pm EST
Sept 7th 11am EST
Sept 10th 12am EST

Hope you guys dig it. It's an honor to have worked with this genius who's changed the face of music.



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Hi Todd,
First of all I found this clips on your drummerworldsite very nice. Can I asked where this DVD was produced?
greetings from germany


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Just posted - with the kind permission of Todd - 8 clips from the great new DVD on Drummerworld.

I spent many hours with watching the DVD - just great. There are so many sections and many aspects are covered. Beautiful.




Trip McNealy

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Todd, I look forward to meeting you and seeing your performance at MD Festival this weekend!




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Todd, you probably get asked this alot, but is there a chance of putting up a tears of joy mp3 on your site with your drum track? Basically just the audio from the version on methods and mechanics. Your playing is sick on it, and it would be cool to have it! Thanks Man!