Todd Sucherman at PASIC Boise


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...was awesome!

Todd's playing is excellent and was a real treat to see and hear up-close. He played a 7pc. Pearl Vision kit that sounded incredible, given its price range.

First he played an excellent piece in 13/8 called "Tears Of Joy", written by violinist Jerry Goodman. He ran through a couple more tunes and then played a very long, intense solo containing many styles and ideas, thoughtfully strung together. Of course, we got a proper Styx treatment as well.

He's got an excellent sense of humor and a great personality, too. He patiently fielded a ton of questions and doled out some very valuable wisdom.

Good stuff!


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I like the way he constructs solos.. very strong storylines, very listenable...

I'm glad you had a blast, Vin.

That Guy

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That must have been a real treat Vin. He just passed through town a month or so ago with STYX and unfortunaltely I missed the show. If he ever gives a clinic anywhere in the Tampa area I will be on top of it. Please tell me he did "Renegade" for you guys. "Tears Of Joy" is my favorite piece that I have heard Todd play. That is such a beautiful song.

Something I truly appreciate about Todd's style is how in-control and fluid he is. Todd was one of those drummers that after I heard him play I immediately began looking deep into his work, career and style becuase of my intense appreciation for his abilities. If there is only one drummer that I could say I'm deriving most of my inspiriation from as of now... it's Todd.


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I got hooked on Todds drumming after watching his video Methods and Mechanics. Not only is this the absolute best instructional video on the market but Todd is an excellent teacher and really seems to be the kind of guy you could actually have as a friend. The fame and fortune haven't turned him into a typical celebrity. Would love to have the chance to meet him in person someday.


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Yeah, great experience, very inspiring. I'm definitely going to pick up his DVD now. I can see a lot of Tony Williams and Steve Smith in him...definitely a "super chops" guy. His time was absolutely *dead* on...a machine couldn't have been more precise.

My son was psyched to have his drum t-shirt signed by him, too.

I'm inspired now to pick up a double pedal. I've been debating it for a long time but after watching Steve Smith's video for a couple of years and now getting to know Todd's drumming, I'm motivated to try and fit it into my playing tastefully like they do.

Trip McNealy

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He is fantastic, and so is his DVD. I've met him in person at MD Fest 2008 as well. Easily one of my top 10 drummers ever.



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Brilliant drummer. Superb DVD. And seems the kind of guy you would like to share a beer with...

Styx were playing in the UK just down the road from here last year, but I hadn't discovered Todd's drumming at that point and didn't go!