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Indeed Abe. How can you not be inspired by that. Not only does the video serve to display the very best in human endeavour, it also serves to highlight just how pathetically lazy I am given the tools I was born with.


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Wow... The next time a big hostile debate comes up about which technique is better / best / right / wrong - they should be led to this. This should send the message to shut the heck up and go with what you have.


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That is really an inspiration.
I'm 57, married, have 6 kids, everybody's healthy and happy.
It's not that I take it for granted, but my God. This guy just rocks.
And puts things into a totally distilled perspective: the purpose of playing music is to experience a deeper joy. Period.


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When I see someone like that,I'm reminded of a biblical story with the quote"I cried because I had no shoes,till I saw a man with no feet".

The young man just said "what do you mean I can't"...and he did it.

Just inspirational ,and over the top...bravo:)

Steve B


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Yep, think about that (and other things like it) when things aren't going quite the way you may want them to.


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That really does put it all in perspective. The next time someone's beating you up for letting your pinky leave the stick, I mean, damn.


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Desire over circumstances. Absolutely beautiful.

I was at an IBC preliminary the other week and there was a band there where it took me 3 or 4 songs in before I realized the drummer didn't have a left hand and was using some sort of strap thing on his left arm to hold the stick. This is in a day full of double shuffles. He had great control over the bounces and it you weren't looking carefully, you'd never know.

Goes to show that feeling the music and working out how to make it happen are what counts.


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Speechless, I will remember this the next time I don't feel like practicing or going to work.
What an Inspiration.

Beam Me Up Scotty

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I too, am completely speechless. Inspirational, and utterly amazing. Listening to this without even watching the video... You'd never even know.

I'm floored... And yet I can't wipe this huge grin off my face.