Today I bought...


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Uhmm.. ok.. great.. but..

No pics?

Really???? :/

Seriously man, congrats on getting that deal, but show us some drums!!



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Haha point taken, though they're not even set up yet! Hopefully tomorrow I'll get a chance.

These drums seem to be criminally under rated from what I've seen on the net, the build quality is great and the lugs that run from top to bottom look damn cool! To be honest I hadn't even heard of them until yesterday when I saw the ad and only imagined they'd be mediocre but they're solid as hell. I bought them thinking I'd use them as a second kit to leave at my practice place but if the sound matches their build I can easily see these taking the place of my PDP kit as my main kit.


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Well, you're certainly right. Those are excellent drums.

They feature 9-ply Mahogany/Maple shells (Some say it's 3 Mahogany/3 Maple/3 Mahogany and others say it's 1 Maple/7 Mahogany/1 Maple, I believe it's the second), I.T.S tom mounts, long lugs, 8-lug floor toms, lacquered finishes.. and if you got one of the newer ones they also feature virgin bass drums (they use the Saturns' rail mount).

There's nothing bad at all on those drums, and at that price you got a very sweet deal.

I'll be waiting for those pics. Cheers!


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Here's a few pics of the kit. I had a quick go on it today, nice beefy rock sound to it even with the stock heads on! It's such a solid kit, I especially love the industrial look of the lugs floating off the shell top to bottom. Definitely taking the place of my PDP as my main kit.


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