To school or not to school

the beat

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Lately I've been tossing the idea around in my head of trying to get into a music program in university. Unfortunately for myself, I know very little about the whole process of getting into school, as I've never really considered it for anything else, not to mention I know very little about what I would actually be learning were I to get in. I'm sure it depends on the school and program, but I was wondering how much attention could be put on the percussive arts and would it be worth it to even consider doing so. I would imagine with a bachelor of music you would be opening some doors for yourself, but would they only be of a symphonic nature? As someone who mostly plays progressive rock style music, would this be an entirely bad decision? I also understand that an audition would be required to get in, and as a completely self taught drummer whose music reading skills would be not as well developed as say, someone who has been in an organized music environment for a long time, I may be hindered. I desperately want to get my foot in the door in the drumming world, so to speak, and I'm just wondering how effective school would be in affording me that opportunity.

Just looking for some general thoughts on the subject -- thanks.

last man to bat

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I think that if you have a real love for music and are prepared to widen your current musical preferences then music college is a brilliant idea. The stuff that you will learn, the musicians you will meet, the styles and genres that you will be exposed to can only widen your opportunities and enhance your love for music. Not to mention that your tutors will be very accomplished musicians that are there for you.

You already know how to play prog rock right? So go to music college expecting to learn something different, think less drum kit and think more percussion. Jazz or classical may not be your bag, but expect it to be part of your learning and playing, you might even learn to like it.

If, however, you just want to learn to be a better drummer, then just find a good drum tutor.