To Ashton or not to Ashton


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Ok so joined a band and now I have to learn over 50 songs. I have had so many neighbours complain about my acoustic kit even with vic firth drum mutes on drums and cymbals. I just need a cheap electric kit to practice on and really just go through the motions. I would love your opinions on the ashton rhythm vx. I can get one of these new for $400. I beleive it has duel trigger on the snaire also.


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I have spent some time on one of those at the store I work at (the Medeli). It feels like a toy, the rack is flimsy, it gets marked by sticks really quick and looks pretty ugly, it's nowhere near a Roland in terms of playability, but if that's what you need to get playing then it would be fine. Can't comment on the price, but I'd say if you can get a used Roland or Yamaha for around the same price then go for that.

And in that video the guy has it linked to his computer running EZDrummer. This is what it actually sounds like -