Titanium Snare?

mike d

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Has anyone ever tired a titanium snare? Just curious as to how it would compare with brass, copper, bronze, etc...


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Has anyone ever tired a titanium snare? Just curious as to how it would compare with brass, copper, bronze, etc...
I have played one. The titanium snare I played was a Dunnett model, and I would say it was, generally speaking, warmer sounding than any of those other drums. It didn't have as much bite or ring as any of those drums. I remember thinking it sounded like a wood drum, but without some of the honk that wood drums can have,


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I have a titanium snare that I had made by VK Drums. I must have listened to about a hundred sound samples before choosing titanium, and I find it really hard to describe why I preferred it to the other metals. It's very thin (3mm in this case, I think) so it's sensitive, and I've put a hydraulic head on it which makes it feel amazing to play - no dampening required, a really cool sound.

Agree with chunkaway, it is somewhat wood-like in tone. But it's not quiet - it really cuts through. It has none of the ring of brass or steel, and personally I love being able to tune a drum up tight and thwack it without getting any ring. It's not as dark as copper. It sounds great, it's my favourite drum I've ever owned.

You can see it here. Can't reccomend Van Kleef highly enough.



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Been playing a Dunnett Ti 6.5 X 14 for years, and it's a great drum. Like a sophisticated LM402. It's a metal drum, but since Titanium is so strong, the shells can be made very thin. So the overall "note" is on the low side, very warm and pleasant. It records wonderfully, and I seem to get a compliment on it with every new sound guy and engineer I meet.

It's great low, medium, and medium-high, but I'm not crazy about it when it's tuned way up, so I have other drums for that. I think it prefers low and medium tunings because of its straight shell. Unlike a typical metal drum, the shell isn't curled inward on the bearing edges; it's just a straight edge against the drum head (NetPotters drum seems to be constructed like this as well). So it's not a super diverse drum, but it does what it does extremely well.


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Played two, both Dunnetts, and they were both very very good. As most Dunnett drums the shells were thin, so the sound were not at all metallic ringing, almost wooden.
One drum was 13" (I think 13x7 or maybe 13x6.5), and my favorite of the two.


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I have three of Alan's drums. One of them is an "all Titanium" model. The shell, lugs, strainer, hoops, and even the tension rods are made out of titanium. The drum sounds closest to a really good aluminum drum to my ears. Amazing drums. VK drums are as good as metal drums can get. Right up there with Joyful Noise.