Tips on recording drums?

So, I’m mostly a guitarist and lyricist, and our band can’t seem to find a straight up drummer who isn’t a flake. Rural area, not many people to pick from. Our bassist is a little better on drums than me, so we were thinking of having him record the drum tracks and then laying everything else on top for now. We’re all poor, have limited equipment, etc. etc. and will be doing this in our practice space, aka my bedroom. Was wondering if anyone has any helpful tips, tricks, or recommendations on recording as cheaply as possible. I assume it’s easier to record the drums first and follow that...?


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what kind of music? there are lots of drummers for hire online. I have done session work a few times. Guys usually charge per song or a package deal. Many drummers like myself have good mics, a good recording setup, and the ability to edit / mix their own drums as well.

If the budget is tight, I think midi tracks are the way to go. You are going to have to edit quite a bit with a novice drummer. Unless you are SET on acoustic drums, you can download all kinds of groove packs for VST's. That way things are in perfect time. You can copy and paste fills etc.

The only thing is you have to know a bit about Midi, VST's, recording software to get it all set up. Once you do though, even if you have to buy a VST program it will be cheaper and you have it forever.