Tinnitus (ear ringing)


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I feel like I'm in a weird limbo with my hearing...

I played my first decade of drums with no protection whatsoever - I didn't think it was very 'rock' to use earplugs. Something made me wise up, though, and for the past 15 years I've never played without them.

I do get occasional tinnitus, and it seemed fairly bad at one point last year, but it's gotten much better since, even though I haven't done anything to try and remedy it. It waxes and wanes a bit.

I'm sure I did some serious damage to my ears early on, but I think I might have begun wearing plugs at a crucial period in my playing career. My hearing isn't great, but it's still highly functional, and as I said, my bouts with tinnitus have been (so far/thankfully) relatively mild and brief.

So my advice would be - whatever stage of playing you're at, if you're not wearing hearing protection, START! If damage has done, you can at least stop adding to it. And if you're just starting out, you can probably avoid it altogether.

And for the record, I just use the inexpensive foam-rubber type plugs that you can pick up at the drug store - 10 pair for about $3 - and they've seemed to work for me beautifully.