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I got 890. Ad I predicted before trying, I got close each time, but was just slightly behind the beat with each tap. I mostly play grooves and work on making them sound fat, hence the behind the beat tendency.


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I'm calling shenanigans on this test. I intentionally played ahead of the beat, and it often registered behind the beat. I played behind the beat and it registered some ahead of the beat. I played on the 'and' and it still gave me a 770 and showed several that were directly on the beat.

I do not believe that this is an entirely interactive and accurate test. While it appears to measure the space between key presses, it does not appear to have anything to do with the audio and images produced.

I hate being a technologist.


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I was all over with both hands but best was 901 when not watching the screen

854 doing r l r l r


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I got several 900+ scores with a 931 high. The tactile feel of the keyboard has a lot to do with nailing the time, my external keyboard didn't fare as well as my laptop's keyboard.


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The tactile feel of the keyboard has a lot to do with nailing the time,

That was my first thought. You are listening to the click of the keyboard not knowing exactly when it's registering. I would have preferred if the keyboard triggered a drum sound.

My only attempt was 873 and I was surprised it was that close banging on the space bar. Also, drummers don't use their fingers to play :) Scratch that. We probably all do it

I wrote a little tempo test "song" where the beat drops out for 1,2,3,4,5 measures and, getting past 2 or 3 measures with absolutely zero variation is tough.

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Laptop (low action) keyboards will produce a higher score.

896 on an APPLE keyboard (which has really hi action), need to try this on my phone.