Time to let go?

Salty Dog

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Great advice guys & thanks for the options. Some of you nailed it when you mentionned that down the road I might need the kit again and it would be stupid to have to spend that money all over again. I have a few ideas to lower the volume for example I have acccess to 1/8" thick soft rubber (almost spongy) sheets that I can cut into shell sizes and make pads which I still believe will give me some tone as well. For the bass drum I already have 1 large strip of towel behind each head which gives a nice punch but really lowers the volume. Worst case scenario I can slowly save-up and get the L80 cymbals eventually. I'll report back here to tell you how this all works out.


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A bird in hand is worth two in the bush. You have a set, work with that, scale it down, stack the rest, practice out, or may a practice pad set for movement "rehearsal" there are always ways around getting rid of a nice kit.