time for new heads


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So I have Evans G2 coated over G1 on the toms and the coating is pretty smoothed out now due to working on chops and fills, etc; and I think they are starting to lose their tonality. I want to go clear on the batter and I have no need to change the resos. I'll probably go with Evans G2 clears next time by but I'm wondering if there is a different brand that would go well with the resos I currently have? Thanks in advance to any suggestions.


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I know there have been mixed reviews on the EC2 clears but i like 'em. I have them over EC clear resos on my Force 3007 and like the punch and sustain i get out of them.

I am going to try clear G2's over my EC resos when i order new batters in a few months.

What about Gplus?

Doug Masters

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I have come full circle on the clear G2s for toms. A few years ago I always played clear G2s then I started experimenting with coated G1s, coated G2s, ambassadors, emperors, and EC2s. After not being satisfied with my tom sound I have gone back to clear G2s. I should have never changed...could've saved a bunch of money! Whether miked or not, big venue or small, they always sound good.


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I like clear heads but if you like better the sound of coated heads , try remo suede .
they sound like a coated head , but they are not coated , the texture is part of the head so it doesn't come off .
they also come in black , which looks really good