Time for a new stick size?


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I am not being funny here, but did you ever notice that when kids are learning to write or color, they do it with fat crayons or pencils? The reason is that we tend to have more control over fatter things than thin things. It is just naturally easier to control the mass of those thicker objects. I think the same holds true with drum sticks. I like Vic SD1s for general snare play, but when I need less volume, but still need control, I switch to the SD2 bolero because they address less volume, but still have enough fatness to control. I also use 2B sticks for general practice when I want to build chops. If you need to play softer, just play softer with a controllable stick. To play louder, grab a heavier stick, or think amplification. Don't beat up your precious equipment!


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Another vote for the SD2s. For several reasons. They're bigger around and you don't have to grip them as hard. They're light so you can get the acceleration for volume that Jeff was talking about without overworking your hands. And I've found that the maple transmits less shock back to you. They definitely help with tendonitis in the elbow, they may help with the wrist as well.

Bo Eder

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When I think greater volume is needed than what my comfortable stick/stroke makes, I think amplification.

Might be time to bring in a little amplification to the situation...a little can go a long way.

By the way, are you sure you aren't loud enough already?
Unfortunately, I'm not in the position to add this kind of gear on this job. In any regular situation, I'd be too loud. But this is different. I'm literally playing into the back of stage risers that are draped with cloth all the way around, then you add the 45 kids dancing around on top of them and now there's a wall of sequined outfits and flesh to project through. I would kill to mic' up, but that'll never happen.

And I did point out the analogy of kids learning to write with fatter pencils and crayons, that's why I went ahead and picked up some Vic Firth 5b's the other day.

However, over the last couple of days of not playing and getting enough rest and hydration, my hands have begun to feel better. I think over the last weekend I just really beat them up and I had to lay off for a couple of days. Today I picked up the 5B's and slowly started playing and everything was feeling pretty good for a good two hour playing session. Even my numbness issues were at bay for a bit once I warmed up, had some breakfast and got myself in gear. Tomorrow I'll see how I feel with the old 5A's and make a judgment call. We go out again this Friday and Saturday and I'm feeling pretty rested now. I think last week I was burning the candle at both ends. This week has been more relaxed so far.