time exercise

A well known exercise to improve your time is : Play N bars with metronome, then N bars without. Try to catch the next "1" with the metronome.

In mid tempos (80-100 bpm) playing a basic rhythm 4 bars without metronome and catching the next "1" is challenging, but only "reasonably" difficult.
Trying to solo (e.g. trading 4s with yourself) during the 4 bars without metronome and then catching the next 1 is of course much more difficult, but I still find it doable if you keep time for example with hi-hat.

What I find much more difficult is not playing anything for 4 bars (not even tapping a finger or foot or counting aloud or doing any sound with your mouth) and then catching the next 1. I mean only thinking the beat or counting in your head... Even 2 bars is a big challenge for me.

But maybe it depends on how you feel time. Maybe it is easier than playing for some guys. Would be interesting to know.

Has anyone tried something like that?
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