TikTok Video. Drummer Stands on Drums and Crashes Cymbal.


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This is a short TikTok video to share with your drummer friends.
One version has the Band logo at the end, the other doesn't.
Drummer Stands on Drums and Crashes Cymbal.

So you've decided to deliberately go out there to create a 'viral video' where you do something pretty idiotic and then decide to post it on this forum to promote it? Yeah. Let's not give this any oxygen, guys...


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Interesting that Tik Tok in the US is a plethora of idiocy and in it's country of creation (China) is contains only educational content. :unsure:

Jeremy Bender

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From what I've seen, TikTok is the home for amateurish frivolity. On a side note where does one get red striped pants like those?


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and people ask me why I don't do social media....

TikTok has actually been the catalyst in a lot of reeeaaalllyyy negative stuff that is happening in our society for the past 10 years
- "slap a teacher" contest
- breaking things on purpose in school
- shooting at people and trying to outdo each other

and other really bad stuff that has now blown up into community wide issues

yes, I am also an "old guy" yelling at a cloud, and I realize that when we were kids we did dumb stuff as well, but I don't think the stuff I did had as far reaching impact as the stuff on social media does

Hollywood Jim

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Yeah, this is really stupid for a lot of reasons!
Although I must admit I enjoyed it when Keith Moon set off that explosion in his drums. I guess I'm a hypocrite.
(I wish I was in the kind of physical shape that I could jump up and stand on my bass drum.)