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I figure Death Metal Conga will chime in here. I bought 4 or 5 boards, was told by my lumber supply that it was South American Tigerwood. I got motivated to do a snare on Sunday. First I cut a block off the end, about 6X10 inches. I filled the kitchen sink and dropped it in . BANG, it sank like a rock. So I remember DMC saying his Ironwood did the same. Now I am thinking this wood looks alot like DMC's Ironwood kit. It is super heavy. I also had a helluva time cutting the staves straight. I set the angle at 15 degrees (using 12 pieces, 360 X.5 divided by 12). All the joints were wavy. Not like me to do this, second try, same result, then I figured out, the saw blade was getting deflected outwards as the cut progressed. The wood was harder then the carbide teeth, so I had to pass it through 3-4 times, shaving it down to the proper pitch of 15 degrees.
This bump in the road now made the staves too thin, so now I have a 13 inch drum instead of a 14. So I added 3 straight blocks to shim the drum out to get my 14.2 diameter again.
These can be seen in the first picture at 7, 11 and 3 o'clock.


Then after shaving the shell on the lathe to a nice round 13 7/8th, the shell appears seamless, cant even see the inserts. Not the most interesting wood grain, not sure what kind of finish will bring it to life. Anyhow, the characteristics of this wood seem closer to ironwood rather than what i know of Tigerwood. Or is it a cousin?


I also put together this sweet walnut shell this weekend.

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Mindblowing! That could be erythrophleum chlorostachys (Cooktown ironwood). Cooktown ironwood has a very tight grain pattern and a chocolate color that darkens with age. It only grows in the Queensland area of Australia. If you wood sinks in water, it is pretty badass as not too many woods will do that. It is known for being very hard to work and dulling blades quickly. From what I know, tigerwood has a looser grain pattern. But I would think your supplier would know.


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I don't understand. What does this have to do with golf?